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Destruction is a fairly rare spell that, at the cost of 10% of your current HP (but at minimum 20), will make every enemy on the screen disappear. The HP cost to cast the spell can't kill you and will instead leave you at 1 HP. You can continue to cast the spell even at 1 HP.

Enemies killed by it will drop no gold. If an enemy is holding a wand when destroyed, that wand will be destroyed along with them.

The spell is unlocked by performing a secret event at the Moon.

It has no effect on Bosses. Curiously, Lukki also appear to be immune to it.


  • As this spell causes damage to the player, it shouldn't be overused, but as the HP cost is a percentage of your current HP, it will actually become cheaper to use the spell, the more damaged you are.
  • Due to the extremely high mana drain only high tier wands can even fire this spell to begin with.
  • As the spell ignores enemy HP levels it can be used to good effect in the last few biomes in Nightmare mode or New Game+, unless you intend to explore further after defeating the boss.
  • If you intend to use this spell regularly throughout a run, it should be used in conjunction with a healing spell like Circle of Vigour.


How Destruction works