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A static projectile spell that spawns a cross of glowing magic that explodes after a short time.


  • Caution! The Death Cross is created at the point of casting, which means that if you use it in isolation it will appear right beside you!
  • The Giga version, despite being very powerful, is held back significantly by its low amount of charges.
  • Even with explosion immunity perks, the Giga version can be dangerous, since the projectiles it releases can sometimes damage the player if they hit directly.
  • To make this spell more useful it is advisable to use a spell with a Trigger to place it for you, such as Spark Bolt.
  • If paired with the Homing Projectiles modifier (or Perk) the cross will actually move and seek out enemies in the time before it explodes.
  • One of the few explosive spells that doesn't include fire particles on detonation and thus won't ignite anything.
  • For some reasons, the Death Cross homes in at passive creatures such as fish or skorpioni, even without any perk or modifier.
  • Using Freeze Charge or Electric Charge will allow the Death Cross to freeze or stun enemies that touch it.


A Death Cross delivered using a spark bolt with trigger

A Giga Death Cross placed with a Spark Bolt Trigger, explosion immunity protecting the player from damage

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