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This page contains spoilers for certain secret events and locations.

The Dark Moon at the bottom of The Work.

The Dark Moon is a location below the first Temple of the Art layer in the repeating layers of The Work (Hell). Similarly to its counterpart in the sky, it's made of cheese, although this one has a darker, reddish appearance. Unlike its cousin, only a part of it is solid, making jagged cliffs with blood pooling in the space between them.

In the center of the Dark Moon, glyphs can be found that read "WHAT HATCHED".


Similarly to the Moon, the player can trigger unique events with similar requirements. Along with that, completing any event will award their corresponding Achievement Pillars.

The Blood Moon[]

If the Essences of Air, Fire, Earth and Water are brought to the center of the Dark Moon, the entire Moon will transform into Blood and this message will appear: "From my blood..."From my blood... From my blood... From my blood... From my blood...


Monster boss gourdon full.gif

Throwing a Refreshing Gourd at Kolmisilmä will deform its body into a gourd-like shape and turn it green.

Bringing the transformed Final Boss to the Dark Moon along with the elemental Essences will transform the Moon into acid, along with spawning 8 Sauvojen Tuntijas.

The gods will be enraged, and this message will be shown: Heretic!How dare you do this!