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Damage Modifier Spells
Damage Plus
Heavy Shot
Light Shot
Mana To Damage
Random Damage
Spell modifiers that adjust the damage of the affected projectiles.

A modifier that improves the damage done by a projectile, but also slightly increases the recoil from firing it.


  • Since the damage done is a flat +10 it will add damage even to projectiles that normally don't deal any, such as Slime Mist.
  • Synergizes best with cheap projectiles that deal very little damage, like Spark Bolt or Bouncing Burst for example, making them become real powerhouses of damage while keeping their low mana drain. It is useful for pretty much everything, though.
  • Couple with a multicast modifier, such as Double Spell, to grant the damage bonus to several spells at once
  • Will reduce the healing done by Heal Projectile due to the heal effect simply being negative damage. (Can result in inflicting damage instead of healing if stacked multiple times.)