Noita Wiki

There are 2 time-limited game options. For 24 hours, everyone will get the same seed for these. They reset at midnight Finland-time (EET/EEST, UTC+2/+3).

Daily Run[]

The Daily Run is the 2nd option in the pause menu. You get one (1) chance to play it, after which it is un-selectable (greyed-out).

NOTE: Sometimes the option will not start correctly - to verify, open the pause menu again after starting the run, to confim that the option is now greyed-out; if it is not, then click it again.

The starting loadout is slightly different than usual:

  • The wand in slot 1 is will use a random low lvl attack spell
  • The wand in slot 2 will contain a different area affecting spell, often a Firebolt or Rain Cloud, among others.
  • The flask has a wider range of possible liquids.

Daily Practice Run[]

The Daily Practice Run is the 4th option in the pause menu. You can re-play this seed as much as you want each day.

NOTE: Sometimes the option will not start correctly, giving you a seemingly-different starting set - restarting the run will usually fix this, but sometimes you need to start a normal "New game" run first, and then re-start the Daily Practice Run.

It will start you at a Holy Mountain, with a set of perks, wands, spells, and gold already "collected". Sometimes you will start at the entrance to a Holy Mountain, and sometimes at the exit.

The starting conditions will sometimes follow a theme or synergize in interesting ways, such as the perks Levitation Trail and Homing Shots.

Historic feature[]

Previously, the Daily Run would change your seed to the current date. (Ex: "20190925"), and allows you to replay the same world design multiple times.