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There are 2 time-limited game options. For 24 hours, everyone will get the same seed for these. They reset at midnight UTC.

All spells that are normally locked can spawn randomly during Daily runs, but casting them does not give the related unlocks. However, unlocks can still be acquired by killing the minibosses in the usual way.

Daily Run[]

The Daily Run is the 2nd option in the pause menu. You get one chance to play it, after which it is un-selectable (greyed-out).

NOTE: Sometimes the option will not start correctly - to verify, open the pause menu again after starting the run, to confim that the option is now greyed-out; if it is not, then click it again.

The starting loadout is slightly different than usual:

  • The wand in slot 1 is will use a random low lvl attack spell
  • The wand in slot 2 will contain a different area affecting spell, often a Firebolt or Rain Cloud, among others.
  • The flask has a wider range of possible liquids.

Daily Practice Run[]

The Daily Practice Run is the 4th option in the pause menu. You can re-play this seed as much as you want each day.

NOTE: Sometimes the option will not start correctly, giving you a seemingly-different starting set - restarting the run will usually fix this, but sometimes you need to start a normal "New game" run first, and then re-start the Daily Practice Run.

It will start you at a Holy Mountain, with a set of perks, wands, spells, and gold already "collected". Sometimes you will start at the entrance to a Holy Mountain, and sometimes at the exit.

The starting conditions will sometimes follow a theme or synergize in interesting ways, such as the perks Glass Cannon, Levitation Trail and Homing Shots, which all synergize together. There are 19 different perk setups.

Error recovery[]

If you experience an error, the daily run can technically be reset, by going to the folder

  • %UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\Nolla_Games_Noita\save00\stats

and deleting the file:

  • _last_daily_played.xml


Previously, the Daily Run would change your seed to the current date. (Ex: "20190925"), and allow you to replay the same world design multiple times.

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