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Critical Modifier Spells
Critical On Bloody Enemies
Critical On Burning
Critical On Oiled Enemies
Critical Plus
Critical On Wet (Water) Enemies
Spell modifiers that increase the critical chance of projectiles.

A Spell modifier that causes a spell projectile to have an extra +15% chance to critically hit a target.


  • With its low cost and good effectiveness against all enemies, this modifier is useful for pretty much every dps wand that have slots available for it.
  • This modifier is also available as a Perk, Critical Hit +, affecting all your spells after picking it up. The perk provides +10% critical chance per stack.
  • Increasing critical hit chance above 100% will increase the critical hit damage multiplier to 5 times the total critical hit chance. E.g. 115% critical chance means every critical hit will do 575% damage.


After the perk is picked up, your character will radiate cussing symbols as if you were stained with Berserkium.