Critical hits are a game mechanic that gives a percent chance for a projectile to deal five times its base damage. Minä starts with a 0% chance to perform a critical hit, but this chance can be improved in many ways, including:

  • Blood stains increase the chance of a critical by 5% per projectile in the cast state
  • The Critical Plus spell
  • The Critical Hit + perk, among others
  • Critical on Wet (Water) Enemies or similar modifiers
  • Many spells affect critical chance, in a similar way to how spells can affect wand stats like cast delay or recharge time

This mechanic applies to damage of any type, not just Projectile Damage.

Damage above 100%

If the chance of a critical hit is increased over 100%, not only will every hit be a critical, but the additional % chance will be added to the critical hit multiplier.

For example, with 7 Critical Plus modifiers , Magic Arrow will deal 55 damage on every hit ( (105% chance from Critical Plus + 5% base chance from Magic Arrow itself) * 5 base critical multiplier * 10 base damage). This can be an efficient way of boosting damage for late-game wand builds.


Some enemies are resistant or immune to critical damage, meaning they will take only the base damage of the projectile, plus a fraction (or zero) of the increased damage that would come from a critical hit.

For example, a Sätkymestari has 40% resistance to critical damage, so from the previous example a Magic Arrow with 7 Critical Plus modifiers will deal 37 damage per hit: (10 base damage + (100-40)% resistance * (55 critical damage - 10 base damage))

Notable examples:

  • Sauvojen Tuntija and Mestarien mestari are immune to critical damage
  • Ylialkemisti has 80% resistance to critical damage
  • Skoude has 50% resistance to critical damage
  • Minä is immune to critical damage, so the player need not worry about receiving a random critical hit from an enemy, although this also means the player cannot boost the critical hit chance of a Healing Bolt to heal more
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