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Random Static Projectile Spell
Wild magic that casts other spells at random, either from the wand itself or from a particular subset.

Ignores mana drain of actual copied spell, and are unlocked by killing Kolmisilmän koipi.

Copies a spell (modifier, projectile, etc.) on your wand at random. Does not allow you to cast spells with no charges left.

Copied spells will affect cast delay, recharge time and spread (but not mana drain) as if they had cast normally. Spells placed after a Wand Refresh are eligible for selection.


  • This spell can't copy spells that are already in the hand, which can be used to manipulate which spells it copies.
  • You can control the randomness by placing this with a single other spell.
  • A trigger wand that delivers explosives can gain additional damage on average and at a steep mana discount
  • Copy Random Spell Thrice only uses one charge of the spell it copies.
Noita Copy Random Spells May Be OP - DunkOrSlam