Noita Wiki

In addition to the Fandom User Conduct, The Noita Wiki has some general rules and guidelines about content. This is nothing fancy, it's just to make sure that the content that goes into the site keeps a certain level of quality and keeps with the vision of a free and useful source of information about the game.


Breaking these rules may result in action taken against you or the content you produce here. There are more, but these are some of the most relevant ones.

  • No profanity. Self explanatory.
  • Keep it civil. Disagreements are bound to happen. Keep them away from content pages and use the Talk pages or Discord instead to hash out a solution that works for both parties. This is a collaborative effort, and we all want the wiki the best it can be.
  • No advertising of your own content. This means you shall not post videos and other content that explicitly calls attention to your other works or social media. Stay relevant to the topic you're discussing.
  • Do not spam. This will be deleted.
  • No page vandalism. This will result in a ban.


These are not rules, but following them anyway will help make the wiki better. No action will be taken if they're not followed (except perhaps getting your stuff quickly written over by other editors).

  • Aim for objectivity when describing game content. Opinions are all well and good, but this will keep the site from becoming a place to complain or rant about features you like or don't like.
  • Avoid speculation. If something needs verifying, don't type in "needs verification". It's perfectly fine to speak in general terms if you don't know the specifics, but guesswork should be avoided unless you're on a Talk page.
  • Follow established formats. In order to keep a consistent style across the wiki, try to copy the layout of existing, similar, pages when making a new one.
  • When in doubt, ask. The Discord is right over here. :)