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Concentrated Mana is a bright cyan liquid that stains creatures touching it with a buff that increases mana regeneration. It wears off quickly with movement, so it is best used while standing still. Drinking it will give the same buff for a short time and produce a cyan particle effect.

Unlike the projectile modifier Add Mana, this substance applies a buff that refreshes every 3 seconds, giving the held wand a 4 times multiplier to mana regeneration instead of giving a flat amount of mana.


  • Mixing Concentrated Mana with Water creates more Concentrated Mana.
  • Teleportatium burns on contact with Concentrated Mana.
  • Mixing Concentrated Mana with Worm Blood causes both fluids to evaporate upon contact.
  • Concentrated Mana dissolves almost all metals it contacts, including steel, gold, silver, copper, brass, and aluminum, turning them into steam. The only exception is Dense Steel.
    • Due to this property, Concentrated Mana is lethal to Robotic enemies and damages them as if it were Acid.


  • Since it transforms ordinary Water into more of itself, combine with Water Trail and you will in effect have free infinite mana for the rest of the run.