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This spell will project a fast hitting beam of light in a completely straight line to the target, doing damage and creating a minor (barely visible) explosion. The explosion is capable of damaging harder terrain like rock, but it's a fairly slow way to do so. The projectile notably behaves as if it always has the Avoiding Arc spell modifier affecting it (possibly to emulate it "reflecting" off of surfaces), so using it in cramped areas may throw off its trajectory. This behavior also prevents it from being used underwater. It also has a slight acceleration effect, making longer range shots on moving targets slightly more difficult. Briefly stuns enemies that it hits.

It is one of the few spells in the game with negative Cast Delay.


  • The negative cast delay modifier enables some interesting synergies with this spell, where you can make even a slow wand fast by incorporating a Concentrated Light into a Multicast modifier (such as Double Spell), albeit at a fairly high mana cost.
  • To make the most out of the Cast Delay reducing properties of this spell, you may want to find and use an Increase Mana modifier.
  • Use caution if you have this spell in combination with the Homing or Bouncing Perks or Modifiers - it is capable of damaging the caster.
  • Most enemies killed by this spell are instantly vaporized, leaving no trace of a corpse behind. Larger enemies, such as Jättimatos, powderize and turn into soil.


Showcasing effects of the spell

Attacking an enemy

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