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A cocktail flask is a special kind of potion thrown by the fire hiisi. Upon impact after being thrown, it will explode and spread the cocktail inside it wide, setting anything near ablaze. The cocktail is a bright yellow liquid, indistinguishable from liquid fire, apart from its higher viscosity. Due to the higher viscosity, one needs to be careful as the liquid falls close to the player when sprayed.

More Information[]

  • The cocktail potion can be picked up by the player, either in mid-air as it flies or on the floor if it didn't break on impact. (For example, if it landed in a pool of water that broke its fall.)
  • The flask actually contains 50% liquid Fire and 50% Oil. As a result, emptying the flask will be twice as fast as a normal potion.
  • The cocktail flask cannot be refilled, even if completely empty. The empty canister will still explode on impact when thrown.
  • It has no alchemical uses.