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Static projectile spells that conjure a small field of magic with varying properties.

A spell that summons forth a field of healing magic, restoring HP for a short time. The field will linger for 5 seconds, but the player will only be healed for 3 seconds. The amount of healing scales with your max HP.

It has 2 charges, and is not affected by the Unlimited Spells perk. Like any limited use spell, however, it can be cast with Alpha, Gamma, or Omega without regard for that limit.


  • The healing field will only last a very short time before dissipating, but heals relatively fast. Take care to only use it when you know you can stay in it for the max duration.
  • As one of the extremely few ways to get healing outside of the Holy Mountain, this spell is very valuable despite its low charge count.
  • Is pushed away by Projectile Repulsion Field, making it impossible to use without multiple stacks of Boomerang.
  • Is consumed by the Projectile Eater perk, making it difficult to use one with Boomerang, as it will often hit the perk's sector while attempting to follow you.
  • Combine with a suitable Greek letter spell, such as Omega, to create a wand capable of healing you forever.
  • The Concentrated Spells perk will cause this spell to harm you (by -13 ♥ twice, or more with damage+ modifiers)


The Increase Duration modifier does not increase how long the healing effect lasts, however the player can still continue to apply the healing effect to themselves if they or the circle move around a bit.

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