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Circle Of Magic Spells
Circle of Buoyancy
Circle of Displacement
Circle of Fervour
Circle of Shielding
Circle of Stillness
Circle of Thunder
Circle of Transmogrification
Circle of Unstable Metamorphosis
Circle of Vigour
Static projectile spells that conjure a small field of magic with varying properties.

A spell that summons forth a field of healing magic, restoring HP for a short time. The field will linger for 260 frames (4.3 seconds), but the target will only be healed for 150 frames (2.5 seconds). The amount of healing scales with your max HP, healing the target for 10% hp/s.

It has 2 charges, and is not affected by the Unlimited Spells perk.


  • Lifetime modifiers like Increase Lifetime or Nolla do not change how long the healing effect lasts, however the player can still continue to apply the healing effect to themselves if they or the circle move around a bit.
  • The Concentrated Spells and Boomerang Spells perk will cause this spell to harm you. However, only the initial cast is affected by this. The percentage-based life regenerating effect will continue to heal the player.

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