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Circle Of Magic Spells
Circle of Buoyancy
Circle of Displacement
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Circle of Shielding
Circle of Stillness
Circle of Thunder
Circle of Transmogrification
Circle of Unstable Metamorphosis
Circle of Vigour
Static projectile spells that conjure a small field of magic with varying properties.

A Spell that conjures up a circular field of chilling magic that will freeze enemies solid, making them killable in a single hit from a physical attack, like a kick or Tentacle swipe. It has no effect on the player. The field lasts for ~2 minutes.

Comes with 15 charges.


  • The field can be made to follow you with the Boomerang Spells modifier, making any enemy approaching you an easy target.
  • This can be used to net an easy kill on Stevari, by casting this spell such that you essentially spawncamp him.
  • Lava will harden into Rock in the presence of the field.
  • Be careful when using this while submerged in liquids, like water, as the player can become stuck inside ice.

See Also[]


Circle of Stillness cast with a spark bolt trigger, freezing an enemy and turning lava to rock