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Circle Of Magic Spells
Circle of Buoyancy
Circle of Displacement
Circle of Fervour
Circle of Shielding
Circle of Stillness
Circle of Thunder
Circle of Transmogrification
Circle of Unstable Metamorphosis
Circle of Vigour
Static projectile spells that conjure a small field of magic with varying properties.

This spell creates a sizeable field of levitation magic, causing all creatures caught inside it to float. The field can be slowly moved by aiming your wand in different directions.


  • Don't couple this spell with Boomerang in the hope of giving yourself eternal levitation. You will get stuck and only able to move around through the air extremely slowly for the entire duration of the spell, which is quite long.
  • Casting this in the Holy Mountain shop lets you float purchasable spells around. If you move them up into the ceiling and back down the prices will be gone and you can collect them all for free. Does not work on wand shops.


Casting the field with a spark bolt trigger, then moving it around by aiming the wand