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Material Trigger Spells
Explosion On Drunk Enemies
Giant Explosion On Drunk Enemies
Explosion On Slimy Enemies
Giant Explosion On Slimy Enemies
Charm On Toxic Sludge
Spell modifiers that cause projectiles to gain additional effects when striking targets with certain stains.

This projectile modifier spell causes affected projectiles to charm enemies hit that are wet with Toxic Sludge.


  • At 70 mana drain, this is a costly modifier to use but can be quite powerful in the right setup.
  • The only spell that can reliably stain enemies with toxic sludge is Toxic Mist. Since toxic effects are quite dangerous to the player if left unchecked (especially at high HP-max levels), the Toxic Sludge Immunity perk is recommended.
  • Toxic sludge can be found in most biomes, but is very prevalent in The Vault.
  • The duration of the charm is independent of whether the target remains stained with toxic sludge. The charm lasts around 10s, like many effects.
  • Hiisi-type enemies are vulnerable to Toxic Sludge, making them a prime target for a combo with this spell.
  • Getting hit by a shot with this effect, while taking damage from the Toxic status, will align you with the faction of the shooter for a limited time, which can be useful in some biomes.