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Transmutation Spells
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Ground To Sand
Lava To Blood
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Chaotic Transmutation
Spell modifiers that cause projectiles to transmute nearby materials.

Chaotic Transmutation is a projectile modifier which causes affected projectiles to transmute most liquids and some powders into a random liquid or powder (from a limited set) in a moderate radius around them as they travel. The transmutation result is selected when the projectile is created, so a single projectile will always have the same transmutation effect for its whole lifetime.

Transmutation Results[]

When the modifier is applied to a projectile, there are two possible material lists that the transmutation will draw from. There is a 98% chance that the normal material list is selected, and only a 2% chance that the rare material list is chosen. There is always an equal probability for any material in the chosen list to be used as the transmutation result. The below table breaks down the exact material lists and the overall probabilities of each outcome.

Chance List Materials
98% Normal Materials

Each of these materials has an equal chance to be chosen. The overall probability of getting any single result from this list is 5.44%.

2% Rare Materials

Each of these materials has an equal chance to be chosen. The overall probability of getting any single result from this list is 0.2857%


Chaotic Transmutation's effect applies to a handful of the most common liquids and powders. The tables below list all the materials that its effect will transmute.

Liquids Powders
Water Chilly Water Sand Coal
Swamp Blood Snow Honey
Whiskey Toxic Sludge Gunpowder Burning Powder
Oil Slime Bone Dust Hell Slime
Worm Blood Fungus Blood
Lava Acid


  • Since it comes with limited charges and you cannot control what the modifier will create, this spell is not especially useful for combat purposes.
  • This spell is affected by the Unlimited Spells perk.
  • Combining this spell with Ground To Sand will allow it to additionally transform any solid non-powder material by first transmuting it to sand, which will then will be transmuted by this spell.
  • Combining this spell with Toxic Sludge To Acid and Toxic Mist will create a mist of materials. Blood To Acid and Blood Mist does not work since it cannot transmute blood mist(material).
  • Combining this spell with Explosion of Spirits will create an explosion of materials.
  • Be very cautious when using this spell; Lava and Acid are easily capable of killing players, and although the Polymorphine possibilities are rarer, they can prove even more deadly.
  • Because the transmutation effect is determined when the spell is cast, it can be applied to a spell like Dormant Crystal to create permanent conversion zones for generating desirable materials. These can be moved around with a Kuu if needed.
    • If a projectile that transmutes materials to Honey and another projectile that transmutes materials to Diamond are both created, it's possible to generate large amounts of Ambrosia and Poison, the latter of which will gradually evaporate away.
  • Chaotic transmutation disables scripts from spells, changing some spells drastically, like Summon Omega Sawblade or making plasma spells a safe piercing projectile, as in this video:


  1. 1.0 1.1 Since Acid is present in both the normal and rare material lists, it has an overall probability of ~1/17.5 of being chosen as the transmutation result.
  2. 2.0 2.1 These materials can be extremely rare / hard to find outside of this spell.