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Wild magic that casts other spells at random, either from the wand itself or from a particular subset.

Ignores both mana drain and charges of actual copied spell, and are unlocked by killing Kolmisilmän koipi.

Chaos magic casts 1 of 25 spells when the effected spell's projectile hits something and/or expires.

The possible spells are as follows in alphabetical order:

This spell is affected by the unlimited spells perk.


  • Explosion immunity will massively improve your chances of survival when casting this spell and can make getting circle of vigor out of this a lot easier.
  • Any projectile duplication placed after this spell will let you cast the spell multiple times (keeping randomization) without using additional charges.


  • The game calls this a projectile but it acts more like a modifier.
  • This spell is capable of endlessly casting spells that are not normally possible to be unlimited with the unlimited spells perk, like circle of vigour.
  • It says it casts the projectile when it hits something but it's actually just whenever the projectile cast alongside this spell expires.
  • In the game code it's called random_explosion but some of the spells this can cast are definitely not explosions.