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This spell spawns a very short ranged projectile of sparks at the tip of the wand. This spell will cause the creature or piece of meat hit to quickly bleed a great amount of liquid of the type the creature uses as blood, producing blood, slime, lava or other material. When cast, it produces small amounts of smoke.

It is also capable to digging through dense rock (with rate as usual depending on the hardness of the material).


  • The "magical properties" alluded to in the description, is the hidden stat that sets the cast delay to 0s. I.e. instead of adding or reducing the cast delay time, it overrides it entirely to exactly 0s.
  • This spell is a key component of "machine gun wands" due to both its negative recharge time stat, which can lower the time it takes for a wand to reset after its spells are spent, and the fact that it sets the cast delay to 0s, which means that placing it at the end of a spell block with a large cast delay reduces the whole block's delay to a single frame.
  • Since Chainsaw has negligible mana drain, it can be added to any wand at little cost (other than the slot to place it).
  • When coupled with the Increase Duration modifier, the Chainsaw spell becomes a randomly hitting invisible ranged projectile, producing sparks at the points of impact.
  • Can be used effectively with a trigger spell: once the trigger hits, it spawns the chainsaw projectile which will most likely instantly hit the same target. With multicast modifiers, many Chainsaw spells can be put on a single trigger for almost no extra cost.


Noita's Chainsaw Spell Explained - DunkOrSlam

Blood for the blood gods!

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