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Material Spells
Spells that conjure a small amount of material with a short arcing trajectory. Explosive Projectile can be applied to deal large amounts of damage, which is treated as accidental damage, although it can hurt the player as well.

A spell that conjures a single drop of Cement from thin air.

Obtaining Cement[]

Cement is the only basic material spell that needs to be unlocked before it will appear in shops. It can be unlocked by retrieving the Orb of True Knowledge hidden deep inside the Wizards' Den.


  • One of only 2 sources in the game for Cement (the other being an extremely rare flask), a grey liquid rock that hardens after a few seconds into solid matter.
  • Has powerful reduction modifiers for Cast Delay and Recharge time, useful for making wands fire faster similar to using a Chainsaw.
  • Cement will harden almost instantly when combined with water, but will still harden fairly quickly simply on contact with air, making it a fairly versatile building material.