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Cement is a dull grey liquid material most commonly spawned from the Cement spell. It hardens into Concrete fairly quickly on contact with air, and even more swiftly in contact with Water.

Concrete is a reasonably soft but sturdy solid grey material which can be very quickly destroyed with explosions. It will cause any nearby Cement to also harden into Concrete.

One of the seed where Cement in a bottle can be found is this one: 1029592875. Found on the left side of the second layer in a chest.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
70 Cement + Concrete Concrete + Concrete
80 Cement + Fire + Cement Cement + Air
100 Cement + Water Concrete + Air
100 Cement + Wood Concrete + Wood
90 Cement + Air Concrete + Air
100 Water + Cement Concrete + Air


Cement in its solid form.