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Spells that affect the spread of a projectile.

Increased Spread[]

Icon Spell Spread
Double Scatter Spell Double Scatter Spell +10 DEG
Triple Scatter Spell Triple Scatter Spell +20 DEG
Quadruple Scatter Spell Quadruple Scatter Spell +40 DEG
??? ??? +2 DEG
Chain Bolt Chain Bolt +14 DEG
Chainsaw Chainsaw +6 DEG
Dynamite Dynamite +6 DEG
Energy Orb Energy Orb +4 DEG
Energy Orb With A Trigger Energy Orb With A Trigger +10 DEG
Energy Orb With A Timer Energy Orb With A Timer +4 DEG
Fireball Fireball +4 DEG
Flamethrower Flamethrower +4 DEG
Glitter Bomb Glitter Bomb +12 DEG
Glue Ball Glue Ball +5 DEG
Healing Bolt Healing Bolt +2 DEG
Iceball Iceball +8 DEG
Infestation Infestation +25 DEG
Magic Arrow Magic Arrow +2 DEG
Magic Arrow With Trigger Magic Arrow With Trigger +2 DEG
Magic Arrow With Timer Magic Arrow With Timer +2 DEG
Magic Bolt Magic Bolt +5 DEG
Magic Bolt With Trigger Magic Bolt With Trigger +5 DEG
Magic Bolt With Timer Magic Bolt With Timer +5 DEG
Pinpoint Of Light Pinpoint Of Light +6 DEG
Pollen Pollen +20 DEG
Disc Projectile Disc Projectile +2 DEG
Giga Disc Projectile Giga Disc Projectile +3 DEG
Summon Omega Sawblade Summon Omega Sawblade +6 DEG
Slimeball Slimeball +4 DEG
Spitter Bolt Spitter Bolt +6 DEG
Spitter Bolt With Timer Spitter Bolt With Timer +6 DEG
Large Spitter Bolt Large Spitter Bolt +8 DEG
Large Spitter Bolt With Timer Large Spitter Bolt With Timer +8 DEG
Giant Spitter Bolt Giant Spitter Bolt +9 DEG
Giant Spitter Bolt With Timer Giant Spitter Bolt With Timer +9 DEG
Triplicate Bolt Triplicate Bolt +14 DEG
Chain Spell Chain Spell +10 DEG
Bloodlust Bloodlust +6 DEG
Heavy Spread Heavy Spread +720 DEG
Summon Friendly Fly Summon Friendly Fly +24 DEG
Summon Fly Swarm Summon Fly Swarm +6 DEG
Summon Firebug Swarm Summon Firebug Swarm +12 DEG
Summon Wasp Swarm Summon Wasp Swarm +24 DEG
Teleporting Cast Teleporting Cast +24 DEG

Decreased Spread[]

Icon Spell Spread
Arrow Arrow -20 DEG
Bouncing Burst Bouncing Burst -1 DEG
Burst Of Air Burst Of Air -2 DEG
Glowing Lance Glowing Lance -20 DEG
Spark Bolt Spark Bolt -1 DEG
Homebringer Teleport Bolt Homebringer Teleport Bolt -2 DEG
Return Return -2 DEG
Swapper Swapper -2 DEG
Teleport Bolt Teleport Bolt -2 DEG
Small Teleport Bolt Small Teleport Bolt -2 DEG
Light Shot Light Shot -6 DEG
Reduce Spread Reduce Spread -60 DEG
Warp Cast Warp Cast -6 DEG