Noita Wiki

Spells that affect the speed of a projectile.

Increased Speed[]

Icon Spell Speed
Slimeball Slimeball x 1.10
Light Shot Light Shot x 7.50
Fizzle Fizzle x 1.20
Chaotic Path Chaotic Path x 2.00
Slithering Path Slithering Path x 2.00
Decelerating Shot Decelerating Shot x 1.68
Speed Up Speed Up x 2.50

Decreased Speed[]

Icon Spell Speed
Dormant Crystal Dormant Crystal x 0.75
Dormant Crystal With Trigger Dormant Crystal With Trigger x 0.75
Nuke Nuke x 0.75
Giga Nuke Giga Nuke x 0.50
Unstable Crystal Unstable Crystal x 0.75
Unstable Crystal With Trigger Unstable Crystal With Trigger x 0.75
Heavy Shot Heavy Shot x 0.30
Phasing Arc Phasing Arc x 0.33
Projectile Area Teleport Projectile Area Teleport x 0.75
Projectile Energy Shield Projectile Energy Shield x 0.40
Accelerating Shot Accelerating Shot x 0.32
Explosive Projectile Explosive Projectile x 0.75
Glittering Field Glittering Field x -1.00