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Spells that have a limited number of uses. Some spells can be made infinite use with the Unlimited Spells Perks.

Icon Spell Uses
Circle Of Acid Circle Of Acid 4
Circle Of Fire Circle Of Fire 15
Circle Of Oil Circle Of Oil 15
Circle Of Water Circle Of Water 15
Blood Blood 250
Sea Of Acid Sea Of Acid 3
Sea Of Alcohol Sea Of Alcohol 3
Sea Of Flammable Gas Sea Of Flammable Gas 3
Sea Of Lava Sea Of Lava 3
Sea Of Oil Sea Of Oil 3
Sea Of Water Sea Of Water 3
Touch Of Blood Touch Of Blood 3
Touch Of Gold Touch Of Gold 1
Touch Of Oil Touch Of Oil 5
Touch Of Smoke Touch Of Smoke 5
Touch Of Spirits Touch Of Spirits 5
Touch Of Water Touch Of Water 5
Myriad Spell Myriad Spell 30
Divide By 10 Divide By 10 5
Summon Portal Summon Portal 7
The End Of Everything The End Of Everything 1
Acid Ball Acid Ball 20
Black Hole Black Hole 3
Black Hole with Death Trigger Black Hole with Death Trigger 3
Bomb Bomb 3
Bomb Cart Bomb Cart 6
Giga Death Cross Giga Death Cross 8
Dormant Crystal Dormant Crystal 20
Dormant Crystal With Trigger Dormant Crystal With Trigger 20
Dropper Bolt Dropper Bolt 35
Dynamite Dynamite 16
Earthquake Earthquake 3
Eldritch Portal Eldritch Portal 5
Fireball Fireball 15
Firebolt Firebolt 25
Firebolt With Trigger Firebolt With Trigger 25
Large Firebolt Large Firebolt 20
Giant Firebolt Giant Firebolt 20
Odd Firebolt Odd Firebolt 25
Fireworks! Fireworks! 25
Flamethrower Flamethrower 60
Flock Of Ducks Flock Of Ducks 20
Freezing Gaze Freezing Gaze 20
Glitter Bomb Glitter Bomb 16
Healing Bolt Healing Bolt 20
Holy Bomb Holy Bomb 2
Giga Holy Bomb Giga Holy Bomb 2
Iceball Iceball 15
Thunder Charge Thunder Charge 3
Magic Missile Magic Missile 10
Large Magic Missile Large Magic Missile 8
Giant Magic Missile Giant Magic Missile 6
Meteor Meteor 10
Blood Mist Blood Mist 10
Nuke Nuke 1
Giga Nuke Giga Nuke 1
Path Of Dark Flame Path Of Dark Flame 60
Propane Tank Propane Tank 10
Chaos Magic Chaos Magic 30
Rock Rock 3
Spiral Shot Spiral Shot 15
Summon Deercoy Summon Deercoy 10
Summon Egg Summon Egg 2
Summon Explosive Box Summon Explosive Box 15
Summon Large Explosive Box Summon Large Explosive Box 15
Summon Missile Summon Missile 20
Summon Rock Spirit Summon Rock Spirit 10
Unstable Crystal Unstable Crystal 15
Unstable Crystal With Trigger Unstable Crystal With Trigger 15
Worm Launcher Worm Launcher 10
Mana To Damage Mana To Damage 20
Earthquake Shot Earthquake Shot 15
Giant Explosion On Drunk Enemies Giant Explosion On Drunk Enemies 20
Giant Explosion On Slimy Enemies Giant Explosion On Slimy Enemies 20
Larpa Explosion Larpa Explosion 30
Nuke Orbit Nuke Orbit 3
Personal Fireball Thrower Personal Fireball Thrower 20
Personal Gravity Field Personal Gravity Field 20
Personal Lightning Caster Personal Lightning Caster 20
Personal Tentacler Personal Tentacler 20
Matter Eater Matter Eater 10
Fireball Thrower Fireball Thrower 16
Lightning Thrower Lightning Thrower 16
Plasma Beam Thrower Plasma Beam Thrower 16
Tentacler Tentacler 16
Two-Way Fireball Thrower Two-Way Fireball Thrower 20
Ground To Sand Ground To Sand 8
Chaotic Transmutation Chaotic Transmutation 8
Square Barrier Square Barrier 20
Circle of Displacement Circle of Displacement 15
Circle of Fervour Circle of Fervour 15
Circle of Shielding Circle of Shielding 10
Circle of Stillness Circle of Stillness 15
Circle of Thunder Circle of Thunder 15
Circle of Transmogrification Circle of Transmogrification 5
Circle of Unstable Metamorphosis Circle of Unstable Metamorphosis 10
Circle of Vigour Circle of Vigour 2
Circle of Buoyancy Circle of Buoyancy 15
Acid Cloud Acid Cloud 4
Blood Cloud Blood Cloud 3
Oil Cloud Oil Cloud 15
Rain Cloud Rain Cloud 10
Thundercloud Thundercloud 5
Destruction Destruction 5
Glittering Field Glittering Field 20
Matosade Matosade 2
Meteorisade Meteorisade 2
Projectile Gravity Field Projectile Gravity Field 3
Projectile Thunder Field Projectile Thunder Field 3
Projectile Transmutation Field Projectile Transmutation Field 6
Giga Black Hole Giga Black Hole 6
Omega Black Hole Omega Black Hole 6
Liquid Vacuum Field Liquid Vacuum Field 20
Powder Vacuum Field Powder Vacuum Field 20
Vacuum Field Vacuum Field 20
All-Seeing Eye All-Seeing Eye 10
Spells To Black Holes Spells To Black Holes 10
Spells To Death Crosses Spells To Death Crosses 15
Spells To Magic Missiles Spells To Magic Missiles 10
Spells To Nukes Spells To Nukes 2
Summon Taikasauva Summon Taikasauva 1
Summon Platform Summon Platform 20
Summon Wall Summon Wall 20

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