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Spells that deal Impact damage.

Icon Spell Damage
Divide By 2 Divide By 2 -5
Divide By 3 Divide By 3 -10
Divide By 4 Divide By 4 -15
Divide By 10 Divide By 10 -37.5
Chain Bolt Chain Bolt 25.0
Plasma Cutter Plasma Cutter 20
Flock Of Ducks Flock Of Ducks 40
Expanding Sphere Expanding Sphere 75
Plasma Beam Cross Plasma Beam Cross 20
??? ??? 4
Pollen Pollen 5
Acid Ball Acid Ball 6.0
Bouncing Burst Bouncing Burst 3.0
Bubble Spark Bubble Spark 5.0
Bubble Spark With Trigger Bubble Spark With Trigger 5.0
Burst Of Air Burst Of Air 5.75
Cursed Sphere Cursed Sphere 15.0
Dropper Bolt Dropper Bolt 95.0
Energy Orb Energy Orb 11.25
Energy Orb With A Trigger Energy Orb With A Trigger 11.25
Energy Orb With A Timer Energy Orb With A Timer 11.25
Energy Sphere Energy Sphere 5.0
Energy Sphere With Timer Energy Sphere With Timer 5.0
Firebolt Firebolt 45.0
Firebolt With Trigger Firebolt With Trigger 45.0
Large Firebolt Large Firebolt 70.0
Giant Firebolt Giant Firebolt 95.0
Odd Firebolt Odd Firebolt 45.0
Fireworks! Fireworks! 25.0
Glowing Lance Glowing Lance 35.0
Glue Ball Glue Ball 3
Infestation Infestation 1.25 x 6
Concentrated Light Concentrated Light 9.75
Intense Concentrated Light Intense Concentrated Light 125.0 x 5
Luminous Drill Luminous Drill 10.0
Luminous Drill With Timer Luminous Drill With Timer 10.0
Magic Arrow Magic Arrow 10
Magic Arrow With Trigger Magic Arrow With Trigger 10.0
Magic Arrow With Timer Magic Arrow With Timer 10.0
Magic Bolt Magic Bolt 12.75
Magic Bolt With Trigger Magic Bolt With Trigger 12.75
Magic Bolt With Timer Magic Bolt With Timer 12.75
Magic Missile Magic Missile 75.0
Large Magic Missile Large Magic Missile 100.0
Giant Magic Missile Giant Magic Missile 125.0
Nuke Nuke 75
Giga Nuke Giga Nuke 250
Path Of Dark Flame Path Of Dark Flame 20.0
Pinpoint Of Light Pinpoint Of Light 5.0
Plasma Beam Plasma Beam 20
Prickly Spore Pod Prickly Spore Pod 2.5
Summon Omega Sawblade Summon Omega Sawblade +5.0
Slimeball Slimeball 6.25
Spark Bolt Spark Bolt 3.0
Spark Bolt With Trigger Spark Bolt With Trigger 3.0
Spark Bolt With Double Trigger Spark Bolt With Double Trigger 3.75
Spark Bolt With Timer Spark Bolt With Timer 3.0
Spiral Shot Spiral Shot 5.0
Spitter Bolt Spitter Bolt 7.5
Spitter Bolt With Timer Spitter Bolt With Timer 7.5
Large Spitter Bolt Large Spitter Bolt 12.5
Large Spitter Bolt With Timer Large Spitter Bolt With Timer 12.5
Giant Spitter Bolt Giant Spitter Bolt 15.0
Giant Spitter Bolt With Timer Giant Spitter Bolt With Timer 15.0
Summon Missile Summon Missile 50
Triplicate Bolt Triplicate Bolt 4.625 x 3
Octagonal Bolt Bundle Octagonal Bolt Bundle 33
Downwards Bolt Bundle Downwards Bolt Bundle 33
Chain Spell Chain Spell -5.0
Bloodlust Bloodlust 33
Damage Plus Damage Plus +10.0
Heavy Shot Heavy Shot +43.75
Light Shot Light Shot -25.0
Freeze Charge Freeze Charge +5.0
Linear Arc Linear Arc +5.0
Horizontal Path Horizontal Path +7.5
Orbiting Arc Orbiting Arc +2.5
Spiral Arc Spiral Arc +2.5