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Bouncing Burst is a projectile spell which fires a fast projectile which bounces off surfaces many times before stopping, decelerating slightly with each bounce. It will also stop whenever it hits an enemy, or if it loses too much speed. It is often found in the first few levels.

This spell's damage scales down when the projectile decelerates, down to a minimum damage of 0.04. This effect can be advantageous, as it also makes the damage increase as the projectile speeds up. The damage modifier is calculated based on the initial velocity of the projectile, so combining a modifier like Heavy Shot with Accelerating Shot to start slow and then accelerate will typically be quite effective in amplifying the projectile damage.


  • Its low damage of 3 and mana drain of 5 makes it on par with the Spark Bolt in terms of efficiency.
  • The spell synergizes well with all trail modifiers (for example Water Trail), since the projectile stays in the world for quite a while, bouncing around.
  • It also works very well with arc modifiers (such as Electric Arc), which can tend to arc all over the place as the projectiles bounce around. This can prove very dangerous if the player is not immune to the effects of the trail itself.
  • Combining it with Freeze Charge tends to create quite a lot of Snow, which can be useful for blocking narrow passages, but can also have a negative performance impact.


Attacking an enemy

Bouncing around