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For the perk, see Perks#Boomerang Spells.

Homing Spells
Accelerative Homing
Projectile Area Teleport
Rotate Towards Foes
Short-range Homing
Aiming Arc
Spell modifiers that redirect projectiles to seek out targets.

The Boomerang spell is a modifier that causes projectiles to travel in an arc back towards the player after casting. As it applies a constant force on the projectile, so the effect is more noticable on slower or static spells.

The path the projectile takes back towards you is not necessarily straight back at you, but more like if you had a magnetic field that attracted them towards your location.


  • Boomerang may seem useless at first glance but it does have utility with buffing spells, like the Circle of- series, to make them follow you around.
  • You can also use Boomerang to make the Heal Projectile heal you, as long as you have enough empty space for it to travel.
  • Conflicts with the Projectile Repulsion Perk, making it harder for boomerang projectiles to reach you.


Healing using a Boomerang modifier