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Spell modifiers that adjust the damage of the affected projectiles.

Bloodlust is a spell modifier that greatly boosts the amount of damage a projectile can cause, but also makes it friendly-fire enabled (if it wasn't so already).


  • While being slightly less powerful than Heavy Shot, it doesn't come with any speed reductions at all. This means it's more useful for wands without any triggers to deliver the payload. In fact, using a trigger with this modifier can be very risky as the spells may fire off in your direction on impact.
  • a bloodlusted spark bolt is almost completely safe, but it can sometimes bounce off enemy sheilds and hurt you.
  • If the lifetime of the projectile is no longer than 5 frames, then friendly-fire will not actually be enabled. (In this case the projectile will not be able to hit the player at all, so triggers, for example, won't work on the player, but they will still work on enemies and the ground).