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Blood magic is a rare late-game risk and reward spell that heavily buffs a wand at the cost of 4 health every time you cast it, and acts like a modifier.

It cannot kill the player, and will stop at 1 hp, while still working at 1 hp.

A wand with the blood magic spell emits fake blood which vanishes upon hitting the ground and makes projectiles fired effected by it have a vein-like particle effect.


  • Because this spell makes a wand shoot faster be cautious when using it as this can easily make a wand fire at rapid speeds, draining your health very quickly.
  • If used alongside perks like glass cannon and living on the edge, this spell becomes essential for a no-hit playstyle.
  • It is important to note that the -4 hp comes per cast of blood magic, not per projectile (which goes against the description), so using things like triple cast will allow you to cast this spell alongside a large number of other spells and still only cost 4 hp.
  • You can throw a wand with this spell at an enemy and can cause them to bring themselves down to 1 hp very quickly. It should be noted that enemies will not cast wands that have no projectiles so you'd want to put a spell alongside it that has 0 casts remaining, this will also make the enemy completely unable to hurt you while constantly draining their hp, a very useful situation if you want to make Hiisi healers heal you. Just make sure the enemy is capable of picking the wand up.


  • Even though this spell lowers your health, it is not considered taking damage and will not trigger any of the revenge-type perks, or change cost with % damage reduction perks.
  • Ambrosia does not stop the health loss from blood magic.
  • Losing health from this spell does not count as getting hit and as such will still let you complete the damageless achievement.


Blood effects.gif

(A player using blood magic at 1 health)