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Material Spells
Spells that conjure a small amount of material with a short arcing trajectory. Explosive Projectile can be applied to deal large amounts of damage, which is treated as accidental damage, although it can hurt the player as well.

A spell that conjures a single drop of Blood from thin air.


  • A decent source of blood, possibly good for Alchemy or the Vampirism perk, but as blood is rather plentifully available from enemies anyway it is of limited value.
  • Can provide some healing with Vampirism, but players are likely better off investing in a chainsaw wand.
  • The amount of blood contained in the full 250 charges can heal for almost 60 health through Vampirism, if it is cast into a narrow channel to reduce waste.
  • Has powerful reduction modifiers for Cast Delay and Recharge time, useful for making wands fire faster, similar to using a Chainsaw if it weren't for the charge limit.
  • Sets the 'bloody' status on enemies hit by multicasted projectiles, even if they do not actually get stained by the produced blood, and even if blood has been shifted to a different material. In combination with Critical On Bloody Enemies, this guarantees criticals.


  • It is the only drop-conjuring spell with a limited number of charges, although it is affected by the Unlimited Spells perk so it is possible to obtain limitless amounts of blood with this spell.