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The World of Noita is separated into several Biomes which, at the center of the world can be grouped into several areas in rough succession of depth. At the end of each biome in the Main Path, there will be a Holy Mountain.

Biome Modifiers may be applied to most of the main biomes at random, and some biomes like the Desert and Snowy Wasteland have fixed modifiers, or may be generated with a specific modifier by default unless another modifier replaces it.

The Biomes are pseudorandomly generated via a combination of "Wang tiles" and "Pixel scenes". See World generation for details.

Main Path[]

Biome Places of Interest
Coal Pits
Snowy Depths
Hiisi Base
  • Spell Shop (in a cave in the East or West wall)
  • Hiisi Anvil
Underground Jungle
The Vault
  • Lukki Lair (connects back to the Underground Jungle)
Temple of the Art
The Laboratory


Biome Places of Interest
  • Mountain
  • Floating Island
  • Giant Tree (containing the Kantele, and with Achievement Pillars and a Music Machine on the top)
  • Pond (with a Music Machine at the bottom)
  • Giant Skull
  • Pyramid
  • Sandcave (below the Pyramid)
  • Music Machine (Right of the Desert Essence Eater)
Snowy Wasteland
  • Bridge
  • Frozen Vault (below the bridge)
  • Snow Chasm (extending beneath the Snowy Wasteland outside of the Frozen Vault)
  • Lake Island (with a Music Machine)


Secret Areas[]

The existence of these areas is generally considered a secret, or they are involved in hidden events. Tread with care.

Large Areas
Small Locations


  • The normal world is 35,840 pixels wide.
  • Many parts of the map are separated by a thick layer of dense and very dense rock making it hard to get through, however methods can make tunneling easier, such as using the black hole spell, or many other fast digging spells, or devious methods such as dousing oneself in Chaotic Polymorphine and using a worm transformation.
  • Two types of Glyphs can be found scattered throughout the world, which can be deciphered and translated into many different pieces of extensive Game Lore. Some initial details were captured in 2019 by FuryForged in his video "The hidden lore glyphs of Noita (early access)", along with dozens of further videos detailing his explorations.

Approximate Biome Map[]

This page or section includes possible gameplay spoilers or secrets. Tread carefully.

Repeating ↑
Sky Biomes
Cloudscape The Work (Sky) Cloudscape The Gold
Lake Snowy Wasteland Giant Tree; Forest Desert Desert;
Desert; Celestial Scale
Frozen Vault Snow Chasm Ancient Laboratory Collapsed Mines; Mines Lava Lake; Orb Room Desert Chasm Sandcave Desert Chasm
Fungal Caverns Coal Pits (Shaft to Snowy Depths) Overgrown Cavern
← repeating
Parallel worlds
Magical Temple Snowy Depths The Tower repeating →
Parallel worlds
Lake Hiisi Base Sandcave
Lukki Lair Underground Jungle Dragoncave
The Vault; Fungal Caverns Power Plant
Temple of the Art The Laboratory Magical Temple Wizards' Den Overgrown Cavern
Forgotten Cave Volcanic Lake Magical Temple Desert Chasm
Volcanic Lake The Work (Hell) The Work (End) Wizards' Den
The Gold
Repeating Hell Biomes ↓

Current Maps[]

These links contain spoilers for the location of many secrets. Tread carefully.

Game Mode Map link Image Last updated

Map with full annotations
Easyzoom Epilogue Map wide.png

April 22
New Game +

Map with orbs
Easyzoom Epilogue Map ng+ wide.png

See also: Noita Orb Atlas (beta) by kaliuresis

May 4

Easyzoom Epilogue Map nightmare wide.png

March 30

The first map above, links to an example of the (github origin) "noita map viewer" by Whalehub. An offline version, for generating renders of your own seeds, is available for download.

These "Easyzoom" maps are generated by players via a mod by Dadido3.

Biomes and Orbs[]

These images contain spoilers for the location of many secrets. Tread carefully.

Areas and secrets map created/translated by Nightwind for Beta branch (2020-12-29) (Original)

Orb spawn locations in NG+
(May 4th) (By Letaali)

Older versions[]

Older easyzoom maps

Game Mode Map link Last updated
  • 2021-04-22
  • 2021-03-29
  • 2020-01-23
New Game +
  • 2020-03-30
  • 2019-12-21
Nightmare -- --

Older (outdated) biome infographics: