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Berserkium is a liquid that floats on top of most other substances. It causes creatures stained with it to be significantly more destructive.


The berserk status gained from this liquid applies a 2x multiplier to both damage dealt and explosive radius, which means that a player will need to take great care when using Bombs and other spells with an explosive components as it is easy to misjudge the new safe distance. It does not change the other properties of the spell at all, so spells without friendly fire (like Energy Orb, for example) will blow open much larger holes while still not hurting the player. Berserkium wears off a bit faster than water and will be washed off by it. Immersion will also douse fire but being stained with it will not protect the player from catching fire in the first place.


Additional Information[]

  • While all magical liquids can be picked up as a Potion, Berserkium is also available in pools inside the Ancient Laboratory and in vats inside the Mines.
  • When creatures other than the player are stained, they'll be targeted by their brethren as an enemy to destroy.
    • Similarly, a player stained with beserkium will be targeted by allied creatures spawned by egg items, Summon Egg or "Plague rats"-perk. This also applies to certain projectile modifiers that spawn other projectiles, such as Bubbly Bounce.
  • When a player stained with berserkium casts Unstable Crystals they will start their countdown immediately when fired
  • The 2x multiplier scales with all damage values, even negative. This means that healing spells will heal twice as much as well.
  • Projectiles cast while berserk will not be affected by shields such as Circle of Stillness or the shields found in Hiisi Base (Energy Shields or Permanent Shield are unaffected).


You used to be able to stain Healer Hiisi inside the Hiisi Base with Berserkium in order to make them heal you, but this has been removed since patch #8. Nowadays you'll need to use Pheromone to get the same effect.