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The Horizontal, Vertical and Square Barrier spells are functionally identical aside from the shape of the glowing barrier they create, although the Square Barrier also has a limited use amount whereas the first two are infinite. They are static projectile spells, which means the barriers they create appear right at the point of casting.

Any creature (including you) walking into them take heavy damage and deplete spell particles from the barrier as they move.


  • You are highly recommended to use a trigger spell, such as Spark Bolt, to make sure the barrier is created far away from you to avoid any untimely deaths.
  • The square barrier is the only one that is safe to use at melee range, though you do confine yourself to a very small area so dodging will be very difficult.
  • The Barrier spells are very useful to fight melee-oriented enemies as they'll fly headlong into them without thinking. Shields will not protect them, either.
  • Barrier spells have extremely good synergy with Spells To Power, as it concentrates the high damage potential of the barrier on to a single projectile spell.
  • Modifiers do not affect the barrier particles.


  • The particles themselves are not affected by homing (except homing perk) or gravity. Conversely, effects such as projectile repulsion field will push away the particles, allowing the player to use the spell much more safely and even offensively.
  • Despite appearing to be composed of many small particles, this is actually just a cosmetic effect. There are actually only 19 evenly spaced projectiles created by the Horizontal and Vertical Barrier spells (76 by the Square Barrier spell), each of which does 32.25 damage. These projectiles have a lifetime of 400 frames.


Horizontal Barrier, placed with a Spark Bolt trigger

Vertical Barrier, particles being used up to do damage

Square barrier, placed without any modifiers