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Ball Lightning is a an electrical projectile spell that launches 3 small electrical spheres that burst after a short distance. Each sphere travels a short distance forward and starts slowing down until coming to a complete stop, then explodes. The spheres are instantly stopped when hitting terrain, though this doesn't make them explode sooner.


  • The short range limits the usefulness of the spell, but this can be alleviated with the use of a Trigger spell or Long-Distance Cast to launch the bolts at a distance.
  • Similar to Lightning Bolt, it's easy to harm yourself when using this spell; be careful when casting it near liquids or metals without the electric immunity Perk, especially when using it without triggers or other methods of increasing its range.
  • The triple-projectile nature of the spell means that it synergizes well with all modifiers, as each is applied to the bolts separately.
  • Multicasting several Ball lightning spells doesn't seem to add their total spread, unlike how Triplicate Bolt behaves.
  • A homing modifier significantly increases the damage dealt by the projectiles.
  • Remove Explosion modifier can't remove its explosion,maybe a bug.

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