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A Spell that shoots a physical arrow. Note that this spell can cause damage to caster.

It is mostly found in the early parts of the game.


  • While the arrow can hurt you it does not have any bouncing or ricocheting properties and will become harmless after hitting something, making it safe to use on its own unless you fire straight up. If you use a trigger spell with Summon Arrow and hit a wall, however, the arrow can very easily hit you so be aware of the risks.
  • With its -20 spread modifier its one of the most accurate spells in the game tied with Glowing Lance, and can even added to a multicast as a sort of improvised Reduce Spread modifier.
  • After impacting terrain the arrow model changes to have plant matter at the base. By making the arrow fall feather down, such as shooting a ceiling, one can stack the plant matter and turn it into soil. Effectively, arrows can create terrain. Plant matter turns into soil when it no longer has any air blocks around it.


Magical archery