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The Wasp (in-game name Amppari) is a flying enemy that is native to the Underground Jungle. It attacks using a melee charge at high speed.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Amppari can appear alone but frequently show up in groups, and will relentlessly follow the player if seen. Upon coming into short range they will lunge forward, inflicting melee damage and knocking the player back a good distance.

It can fly faster than other enemies, such as Lepakko (if they aren't lunging) and Rynkkyhiisi. It can also land on the ground, upon which it crawls quite slowly. Finally, they may also spawn from a hive. As with other hives, extra spawns will not give gold drops. A hive may rarely spawn in the Fungal Caverns as well.

Combat Tips[edit | edit source]

  • They are very effectively dealt with using rapid fire wands, but also using area-denial spells like Horizontal or Vertical Barrier as they have no sense of self preservation and will always charge headlong into the fray.
  • With the Melee Immunity perk, this enemy becomes harmless and can be fought at your leisure.