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For the High Alchemist, see Ylialkemisti.

The Hiisi Alchemist (in-game Alkemisti) is an uncommon enemy that drops a high amount of gold. It throws random types of Potions, that will sometimes hurt itself.


Hiisi Alchemists can be used to gain potions that you cannot make on your own, such as the Lava potion. A somewhat reliable way to collect their thrown potions is to have them throw the potions at you while you (and/or they) are submerged in deep water or other liquid, as sufficient amounts of liquid will slow the potions down enough to prevent them breaking.

They can also be useful in helping you obtain potions useful in Alchemy.

It is immune to lava, but not Acid, which it will sometimes throw and end up being killed by its own acid potion.


The Hiisi Alchemist can throw potions containing anything in the Aggressive material list.

Potions thrown by Alchemists contain the amount of liquid equal of a regular bottle, but labeled as 200% full. If emptied the bottle cannot be refilled back up to 200% again and will only fill to 100%, equal to half the capacity of a normal flask.