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Aiming Arc
Spell modifiers that redirect projectiles to seek out targets.

Aiming Arc is a modifier that makes the projectile home in the direction of player's aim relative to their current position. That means that a player can control the projectile's flight direction by moving the cursor around their character, virtually steering the projectile until the end of its lifetime.

This effect can be used to guide slower projectile around corners, redirect bouncy projectiles back into intended target, and course-correct faster projectiles that might suffer from wand or multicast scattering and/or fall down due to mass. Aiming Arc works directly on the flight direction, meaning that it does not accelerate the projectile towards the given flight path nor decelerate it in a tight turn.

Note that Aiming Arc can interfere additively with other Homing modifiers, causing the spells to miss otherwise easy hits, so using it simultaneously with such spells is not recommended.


  • Spells like Glowing Lance, slow and arcing, benefit the most from this spell, since it allows them to be controlled freely, cancelling out the effects of gravity.
  • Static spells like Plasma Beam can swivel around the casting point with almost no restrictions. Useful for safely tracking enemies.