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The Add Trigger spells are a group of modifiers that causes the affected spell to behave like a Trigger, Timer, or Expiration Trigger spell respectively, making it cast another spell when the conditions are met.


  • When applied to spells that already have a trigger, the spell will lose its previous trigger type and gain the new one. In the case of Delayed Spellcast and Sparkbolt with Double Trigger, the new projectile will only cast one spell instead of the previous amount.
  • Add Trigger spell can be used to reduce the mana cost by putting the modifiers between the Add Trigger spell and the spell you want to give a trigger. This does not work when wrapping.
  • Chainsaw spells can be used to trigger another Chainsaw, making a simple, albeit costly quick-fire wand.
  • Triggering a high recoil spell such as Magic Missile to a spell with low recoil such as Digging Bolt will reduce the recoil when casting.