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A spell that costs -30 mana, effectively reducing the sum total cost of a cast by 30. It does not modify any mana costs of other spells.


  • If you use this spell inside the cast of a trigger, timer, or death trigger, the cast delay will not be applied.
  • Increase Mana synergizes extremely well with Luminous Drill, allowing you to dig without draining mana.
  • Increase Mana can potentially be used to cast a spell that exceeds the maximum mana capacity of a wand, provided the sum total of the overall mana cost is not too high.
  • If the sum total mana cost is less than 0, it adds mana back into the wand.


  • Increase Mana, when initially introduced, had a mana cost of -50 and had no cast delay penalty. For a common mid-game spell, this was incredibly overpowered, nearly invalidating mana as a mechanic. It may even have been on par with advanced late-game spells like Wand Refresh, which did not exist back then. Increase Mana was later nerfed into its current state by patch #8.
  • In the past, since Always Casts do not cast mana costs normally, Always Cast Increase Mana only increased cast delay. This was rectified later by allowing Always Casts to cast mana costs if they are negative.