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Cloud Spells
Acid Cloud
Blood Cloud
Oil Cloud
Rain Cloud
Static projectile spells that summon a cloud to rain down liquid below.

A spell that calls forth a sickly green cloud at the casting location, raining droplets of dissolving acid down from underneath it.

It has 4 charges.


  • The Acid Cloud is useful for digging through hard materials as almost nothing is immune against it, except Glass.
  • It is of limited use against enemies, but if they're caught in tight quarters theres a case to be made for it. For the fun of it, if nothing else.
  • Be aware that acid is very dangerous for your health, so use a Trigger or Timer to place it at range.
  • You can attach this spell at the end of a sequence of Luminous Drill with Timer to be able to place the cloud where ever you want, even through walls.


Using the spell in the desert