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This page includes a detailed breakdown of many of the in-game achievements, many of which may be considered extensive spoilers. Tread with care.

Six Achievement Pillars can be found on top of the Giant Tree. Each individual piece of a pillar represents an achievement, showing that the player has accomplished a certain task or found a specific secret, making the pillars higher as you unlock more achievements. The unlocked sections will persist on top of the tree even if the player dies.

In the following list, the pillars are listed left-to-right. Entries appear bottom-to-top on the pillars. The order of pillar pieces is not dependent on the order they are unlocked in.

Full guide to the Achievement Pillars by Mills.

Noita Tree Pillars: Full Overview of All Secrets - FuryForged

Pillar of Sacrifice & Transformation[]

  • Sacrifice a Treasure Chest on the mountain altar
  • Sacrifice a Worm Crystal on the mountain altar
  • Sacrifice a Greed-cursed Crystal on the mountain altar
  • Sacrifice 3 Emerald Tablets on the mountain altar
  • Sacrifice a Munkki statue on the mountain altar
  • Sacrifice a Sunstone on the mountain altar[1] (currently buggy, might not work, try again on another run)
  • Sacrifice a Darksunstone on the mountain altar[2] (currently buggy, might not work, try again on another run)
  • Ascend The Tower and exit via the portal at its apex
  • Ghostly Transformation[3]
  • Ratty Transformation[4]
  • Funky Transformation[5]
  • Lukki Transformation[6]
  • Halo Transformation

Pillar of the Essences[]

Pillar of Completions[]

Pillar of Bosses[]

Pillar of Accomplishments[]

Pillar of Secrets[]


  1. See Celestial Scale
  2. See Celestial Scale
  3. Collect all 3 ghost perks
  4. Collect all 3 rat perks
  5. Collect all 3 fungus perks
  6. By taking the perks Lukki Mutation (or Leggy Mutation) twice, along with Lukki Minion, you will trigger the Lukki Transformation. In this state you have a slightly new look, and move 10% faster.
  7. The Essence of Fire is found in an underground pool of water in the Island in the middle of the Lake, beneath the wooden statue.
  8. The Essence of Water is found in the westernmost passage in The Work (Hell).
  9. The Essence of Earth is found to the east of the Desert, high in an alcove in the border of the world.
  10. The Essence of Air is found in the center of the Cloudscape above the Lake
  11. The Essence of Spirits is found in the bottom of the Lake.
  12. Bring all 4 elemental Essences to the centre of the Moon.
  13. Bring all 5 Essences to the moon.
  14. Throw a Refreshing Gourd at Kolmisilmä and bring it to the centre of the Moon along with all 4 elemental Essences.
  15. Bring the Sampo to the mountain altar and Complete The Work there.
  16. Bring the Sampo to the mountain altar and Complete The Work while holding 11 Orbs.
  17. Bring the Sampo to the mountain altar and Complete The Work while holding 33 Orbs. This ending also unlocks a permanent cosmetic amulet.
  18. See explanation: File:Toveri achievement.png
  19. If you manage to collide the two Suns together, they will both vanish, and trigger the Supernova.
  20. Beat the game while afflicted with the greed curse.
  21. Bring Kauhuhirviö (tiny rare Frozen Vault enemy) to the Avarice Diamond at the top-left of The Tower and have it fly into the diamond. The diamond only activates once; don't enter it yourself.
  22. Repeat the Friendship achievement, but with Toveri
  23. Charge a Crystal Key with both the secret Huilu and Kantele songs, and use key to open the chest in the Eastern reaches of Hell.
  24. Charge a Cystal Key with all 4 Music Machines, and use it to open the chest in the Eastern Cloudscape.
  25. Break open 3 hand statues in Snowy Depths to obtain the Broken Spell, restore it with the Hiisi Base forge to obtain the Summon Portal spell, follow where the Jungle statues are pointing to triangulate the right position to use the Summon Portal spell, and open the steel chest that can be found beyond the portal.
  26. Step into the Avarice Diamond to the top left of the Tower while afflicted with the Curse of Greed.
  27. Take a gourd from the cave hidden in the rocky wall to the west of the West Cloudscape and give it to the final boss.
  28. Complete the game with all 4 normal Essences.
  29. Find a rare meditation cube under coal piles in Coal Pits and meditate for a few moments to enter.
  30. Fill a buried eye structure in Snowy Depths with Teleportatium to enter.
  31. Fill the hourglass above the Hiisi Base spell shop with Unstable Teleportatium to enter.

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