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Homing Spells
Accelerative Homing
Projectile Area Teleport
Rotate Towards Foes
Short-range Homing
Aiming Arc
Spell modifiers that redirect projectiles to seek out targets.

Accelerative Homing is a projectile modifier which works similarly to Homing, with the exception that the affected projectile will first be brought to a standstill and then slowly accelerated towards the target.


  • Slowed initial speed means many spells' lifetime will run out before reaching the enemy when used on a projectile shot directly from the wand. Increase Lifetime or Trigger spells may help.
  • Static projectiles such as Death Cross are an especially good use case for this modifier, since the reduced initial speed will not affect them as much.


First shown Accelerative Homing attached to a Spark Bolt, then normal Homing attached to a Spark Bolt.

First shown Energy Orb with Trigger firing a Spark Bolt with Accelerative Homing, then Energy Orb with Trigger firing a Spark Bolt with normal Homing.