Accelerative Homing

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Homing Spells
Short-range Homing
Accelerative Homing
Rotate Towards Foes
Spell modifiers that redirect projectiles to seek out targets.

Accelerative Homing is a projectile modifier which works similarly to Homing, with the exception that the affected projectile will first be brought to a standstill and then slowly accelerated towards the target.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Slowed initial speed means many spells' lifetime will run out before reaching the enemy when used on a projectile shot directly from the wand. Increase Lifetime or Trigger spells may help.
  • Static projectiles such as Death Cross are an especially good use case for this modifier, since the reduced initial speed will not affect them as much.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

First shown Accelerative Homing attached to a Spark Bolt, then normal Homing attached to a Spark Bolt.
First shown Energy Orb with Trigger firing a Spark Bolt with Accelerative Homing, then Energy Orb with Trigger firing a Spark Bolt with normal Homing.