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The Mother Slime (in-game name Äitinuljaska) is a sphere-shaped creature with multiple eyes found in various biomes.

The Weak Mother Slime (in-game name Heikko äitinuljaska) is a weaker version of the Mother Slime that is only found in the Mines with less damage output and health, but otherwise identical in behavior.


Mother Slimes will tend to lazily fly towards the player, attempting to bite the player once they get close enough. This giant Slime bleeds acid that can quickly dissolve the surrounding terrain. When close to death, it will spawn 3 Limanuljaska. On being killed, it will create a small acid explosion that has a fairly high chance of killing its children if they are still too close.

Combat Tips[]

  • Killing the Mother quickly after it spawns slimes will often cause the explosion to take them out as well.