Noita вики

Бутыли - это колбы с материалом, который можно получить во время вашего путешествия в Noita. При запуске новой игры игрок начнет с бутыля, взятого из таблицы стартовых бутылей.

Алхимия не будет происходить внутри зелья. Например, вода не затвердеет в лаве и не очистит токсичный осадок до тех пор, пока соответствующие материалы не будут удалены из зелья. Это может быть использовано для создания полезных зелий, которые дают желаемый эффект при броске. Например, колбу, состоящую на 50 % из воды (или крови) и на 50 % из лавы, можно бросить, чтобы создать импровизированную каменную стену в месте удара для защиты или помощи в побеге.


  1. Удерживая зелье, вы увидите панель емкости, где обычно находится мана, указывающую, сколько осталось в зелье. Прицельная сетка также отобразит "дугу броска" перед игроком, указывающую, куда попадет зелье, если его бросить.
  1. Зелье заполнится, когда (если возможно) какие-либо жидкости и горлышко зелья соприкоснутся друг с другом. При сборе жидкости из неглубоких бассейнов наведение курсора прямо вниз дает наилучшую возможность собрать жидкость, за исключением того, чтобы аккуратно бросить бутылку с зельем в бассейн.
    • Можно наполнить бутылку с зельем, стоя под жидкостью, если барьер достаточно тонкий, держа бутылку "вверх" и приближаясь как можно ближе к жидкости. Это немного облегчает сбор жидкостей, таких как Телепортация
  2. Зелья можно распылять щелчком левой кнопки мыши (по умолчанию).
    • Spraying empties the potion's contents towards the cursor, eventually producing an [./ Empty Potion]. Spraying a potion that is at 200% capacity will shoot out much further and faster, decreasing at 100%, 90% and 80%. It will make the sound of releasing pressure at a pitch relative to how full the potion is, with the lowest pitch at 1%. If a potion has more than one material in it, for example Acid and water, half of the spray will be acid and half water.
  3. Potions can be thrown with right-click (by default).
    • A potion can be easily and safely dropped by opening the inventory, dragging the desired potion very near to the player, and releasing it. Dropped potions might still roll down slopes and break.
    • Throwing or dropping a potion turns it into a grenade-like projectile, which will usually cause it to shatter. The further the mouse cursor is from the player, the greater the force of the throw. If dropped gently enough close to the ground or thrown into a body of liquid, the potion can travel slowly enough to avoid being broken when it touches the ground again. A red “X” will appear at the end of the “throwing-arc” to indicate the flask will definitely break. Flasks can still sometimes break within the indicated safe-zone.
  4. Right-clicking on the potion within the inventory toolbar will drink it. 10% of each material in the potion is always drunk when consumed in this way, so a potion containing water and blood drunk this way will have 10% each of the water and blood removed (20% total).
    • Drinking a potion has various different effects and fills your stomach based on the potion and will consume 10% if available. Drinking it at lower than 10% will reduce the effects accordingly.



  • Projectiles and explosions may puncture holes in potions laying around in the world, causing the liquid to leak out in a spray. Enough damage may cause the potion to shatter. Potions that have been damaged but not shattered will be fixed and returned to their normal state if the player picks it up.
  • If a flask is thrown too fast or is damaged too much, it shatters. Shattered potions can not be picked, unlike damaged potions. Upon shattering, a potion will release 20% of its remaining contents. The shattered potion flask will become a useless piece of [./ glass].


  1. A thin layer of fluid can be picked up with some difficulty by safely dropping the potion on it. You may have to pickup and drop the potion multiple times to collect it.
  2. If a fluid is on top of a thin enough floor, a player can collect it even though they are on the other side. This can be used to safely suck up hard to collect fluids such as lava or [./ teleportatium].
  3. Drinking causes the ingestion effect of the liquid to remain active for a set duration (based on how much has been consumed) regardless of your stains, perks or movement. However, drinking will use up the substance permanently whereas liquid on the ground can be picked up again. Some liquids (notably [./ Invisiblium] and [./ Ambrosia]) do not have the same effect when drunk as when stained, and may even poison the player.
  4. Spraying upwards with most liquids while flying allows you to fly further.
  5. Reactions like water reacting with lava to produce rock and steam only happen when the spray from the potion collides with something else in the world.
  6. Because a potion sprays materials out equally regardless of the actual ratio of the contained materials, this can allow the player to somewhat filter out unwanted material.
  7. You can create (with some difficulty) very strong throwable weapons if you mix certain reagents in a flask. For example, lava and toxic sludge will create a large amount of [./ Toxic Rock] when thrown at an enemy, potentially surrounding them with the toxic material.

Создание зелий

Стартовые Зелья

The potion generated for the player at the start of a run uses the [./ Starter Pool].

Обычные Зелья

When potion.lua (a regular potion) is asked for, it generates a potion according to the below table.

Chance Category Potion Type
75% Magic Material
25% A random [./ Normal Material] potion.

  1. The check for if a flask is Healthium/Purifying powder does not run from 1 to 100, but 0, and it checks if the number is less than 75, meaning the odds are Шаблон:Fraction, not Шаблон:Fraction as zero is a possible outcome. And although purifying powder cannot spawn if healthium is picked first, that doesn't happen 99.96% of the time [(100 - (Шаблон:Fraction * 100))] and the check for purifying powder runs from 200 to 100,000, checking for anything less than 250, meaning 200 numbers are not generated and it is essentially Шаблон:Fraction, making its appearance rate very very very slightly higher.